Name: Silver
Age: 19
Pronouns: it/he
Gender: Male (DFAB)
MBTI: INTPLancelotP ✪ EveryoneP


Spew nonsense lot of the time.
My attention span and memory are very bad.
BPD, anxiety, and depression.
(Professionally diagnosed. Not taking meds or therapy.)
Have a system but they rarely talk aloud to others.
I can joke or talk about death a lot or many negative / dark things jsyk

I like havin chats and I want to make some friends.
I'm blunt and have trust issues.
But I'm still up for a fun time. I fixate on interests a lot.
If I've done somethin wrong, please tell me directly.
Tell me if I need to tag anything.

Tags I mute:
[eye horror]
[teeth horror]
[eye strain]
(real life/realistic fire. cartoon is fine)


Not a big fan of making abouts.Im no good at it.Probably learn more by interacting.


Discord: shd#3640Steam: silverharddriveI-chu: 944215402Puyo Quest: 92118608

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